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Visual Media Advisors

A global communications advisory firm that consists of Business, Project and Talent Management, servicing largely high profile conservative corporations; along with its executives, and leading members within the entertainment industry.

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  • Millennial Comics: A historic comic and cinematic company with already over 20 (2 series) comic books and still hundreds of characters to be explored. Owned by a family of color, they sought services to ensure all its images, while having fun storytelling, are in an appropriate context before world dissemination and language translation.
  • Olympics: Advisory services were requested, contributed and implemented regarding an Olympic, 2016 mishap event that consequently resolved in a fair ruling. The United States of America women, will rerun the relay race alone and have their placement time implemented.
  • National Pork Board sought advisory services and execution of a southern style dish to be created highlighting what it felt would be a deliciously representation of the healthiest part of pork: the tenderloin.
  • Noah's Arc: A groundbreaking scripted television series that starred 4 same-gender loving men who lives were followed as they explored life; and personal relationships. Services were provided to ensure this first-of-its kind series be earnestly received. Consequently, it made history! Nominated in two categories with the prestigious NAACP Image Awards. Several of its cast members were also invited to represent and present at the televised show..